Runescape is an online game.  You can play with others, or turn off all chats and just play alone.  It is more fun to play with others, because you make friends (that you can at least talk to) and get directions and help from, but sometimes people will not exactly be very nice.  In any case, this is a role-playing/adventure game, much like Final Fantasy (at least from what I've heard of Final Fantasy) with some fighting and magic, but there is less violent concepts to the game as well.  Mining, Smithing, and Crafting are just a few of the many other skills you use. 
        To get started on Runescape, go to
and click on the red button labeled Create a new account.  Read the rules etc.  and then agree to move on.  Now you have to come up with a username and password.  The only limit to usernames is that they can be no more than 12 characters (spaces, numbers, letters, etc.) and it cannot be a name already in use.  If you find that the name that you want is taken, put random numbers on the beginning, middle, and/or end of the name to get the name you want.  Choose a password that you want (it can be no more than 20 characters).  This password must be something that you can remember, but also that is not too easy to guess.  For example, if your screen name is Obiwan333, don't make your password star wars, or obi-wan, because everyone will guess that easily.                                                                             
        The next step is to create your character.  You can choose different hair and clothes styles, your gender, and colors for your outfits and hair.  Remember that later in the game it is possible to change your hair style and color.  Although it is for a price (2000 gp, or gold pounds, which is the currency) which is fairly expensive early in the game, sometimes the creators of Runescape will set it so hair cuts are completely free.  I waited until then to change my hair, so that would be wise unless you're rich.  Anyways, once you have chosen everything about yourself, you go onto tutorial island (by the way, I don't think you can go back, so do anything you want to do there when you first start the game).  The tutorial is pretty easy, and leads you through the basic skills, such as cooking, fishing, and magic.  Once you finish, you go to the mainland, by Lumbridge Castle.  Get used to this place; you come here every time you die, and it happens, no matter if you're level 10 or level 100.
    Now, for the real tutorial. 


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