The Legend of Zelda

    Whoever created the Legend of Zelda (and it's music!) was a genius!  Zelda is an amazing game.  It was one of the first games, and it's still going on 2 decades later.  For any of you who have never heard of the Legend of Zelda, I strongly suggest you look into it.  Although a few games didn't seem that good to me, (Majora's Mask especially) these are great games.  But I'm ranting.  Check out my information on each game.  Some have more than others, and some may not even appear until later on.  Look in Latest News for some Zelda News, also!


    The Legend of Zelda        The Return of Link        A Link to the Past

    Link's Awakening            Ocarina of Time            Link's Awakening DX

    Majora's Mask       Oracle Series     A Link to the Past/Four Swords

Ocarina of Time Master Quest        The Wind Waker      Collector's Edition

Four Swords Adventures       The Minish Cap