Here are some links to good web sites that you can go to if you do not find what you want at my web site.  It is mainly just topics that I have in my web site, but these are web sites that are really great.  I will note what each web site does beside it. -If you don't find the info you want on my website, search for it here. -This has lots of codes and walkthroughs for all the game systems. -Though this has nothing to do with my site, this is a website made by a friend of mine.  Though all of it is great, check out the robot chat!  It is so funny! -As the name suggests, this is a Zelda site.  This is great for Zelda music, wallpaper, Fan art, Fan fiction, and more! -OK, once again, this has nothing to do with my site.  However, there are some pretty fun games and some funny movies there. -This is the homepage for Runescape. -This is a cool site that gives lots of help for Runescape, including skill calculators, item databases, and quest help.